Why Does Our Logo Look Like That?

You may have noticed that our logo looks a little… unconventional. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, much like our parenting styles.

Our name “the amommaly:” is written in all lowercase letters to convey humility, inclusivity, openness, and familiarity.

The colon mark “:” at the end is a very necessary part of our logo. “the amommaly” is not punctuated with a period, because we will never be done talking about it. It does not end with a question mark, because there is no confusion and uncertainty. It does not end with any other punctuation mark, because none of them have a purpose like the colon mark does.

We know what you are thinking. What kind of a logo requires punctuation anyways?

Ours does.

The colon mark turns a simple phrase “the amommaly” into a definition waiting to be assigned meaning. Each blog post, video, and photo we post adds to the endless definition that makes “the amommaly” and, likewise, it allows “the amommaly” to remain open to be defined by you. You, your thoughts, and your posts are your own definition of “the amommaly” and is meant to be acknowledged and respected. That colon mark gives you a voice, and waits for you to make your statement. It is a permanent microphone by your mouth that gives you the freedom to express who you are and speak of your life’s ongoing journey. We are all ready to be heard, and we are all ready to listen.

Our symbol, “a:” represents “the amommaly:” and acts in the same manner. We use it when we feel too tuckered out to type out the whole words, because it looks cute, or just for no reason at all. Its usage is pretty much based off our moods.

*Trademark pending

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