How We Fly: Toddler Travel Bag Tour

travel Sep 25, 2019

Whether it's a 5 hour road trip or a 15 hour flight, traveling with toddlers can be...interesting. In this video, I'm going to show you what travel bag we used for our toddler, and give you a "tour" of what we kept in it! This was the perfect amount of stuff and I felt like we were ready for anything that came our way. When we reached our destination, I'd keep the bag as-is when we walked around the city. You never know what kind of issues you can run into!

Hope this is helpful!



Products mentioned:

Diaper Bag (When I bought it, it was $25! Sad to see that the price went up. Still an amazing bag regardless!):

Sippy Mugs: We use the "Good2Grow" juice bottles!

Diaper Disposal Bags:

Hand Sanitizer:

Sanitizer Wipes:

Toddler Hand Leash:

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