“Oh, Glow Up” Face and Body Mask

beauty Aug 30, 2019

This is being posted on Maya's behalf.

Since I’ve had a baby, my body has gone through some crazy, permanent changes. One of the most obvious changes was my skin. It has become dull, dry, and.... it needs a huge pick-me-up! One of my go-to remedies is a traditional South Asian face and body mask that was taught to me by my mom, who was taught by her mom, and so on and so forth. This mask recipe is passed down from generation to generation and is especially used by brides and grooms before their wedding day.

This mask will brighten up skin noticeably and nourish it in ways it didn’t know it needed.

Here it is...


-Uptan powder (pictured above; just search “indian grocery store near me” and drive there. You should be able to find this powder there) *turmeric can also be used instead*

-1 raw egg


-Rosewater or regular water

How to use it:

-Mix all of these ingredients together until it becomes a paste-like consistency. It should not be runny.

-Put this on your already cleansed and dried face and/or body and leave on until it dries fully and can be peeled off.

-Wash off with warm water, then splash cool water afterwards to close your pores on your skin and lock in the moisture. For added exfoliation, gently remove the mask using a wet washcloth.

-Enjoy your luminous skin.

NOTE: This can stain your nails and fabrics yellow, but it will not be permanent.


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