Cleaning Products I Swear By

lifestyle Jun 19, 2019

it’s hard to keep my home clean when my toddler makes it his personal business to undo any cleaning i’ve done. using products that are earth-friendly AND smell/work incredibly, however, can make upkeep more bearable.

1. real simple wood floor cleaner: i tried this for the first time through the Grove Collaborative and haven’t stopped repurchasing it. it dries quickly, perfect for when my little one is running around all the time. it’s also great because if i need to spot clean the floor, i don’t have to whip up some custom concoction for the task. it’s SO quick & simple to use. i attach a microfiber cloth on my swiffer using rubber bands and go to town.

2. method all-purpose cleaning wipes: as much as i wish i was one of those super earth-friendly mamas who composts every scrap, i’m not quite there yet. the fact that these wipes are compostable, however, brings me a step closer to taking care of mama earth. this pink grapefruit scent is mesmerizing and these wipes have saved my sanity. they are on the pricier side, but i keep repurchasing them because of how well they work AND because they’re just so handy. plus, i don’t feel terrible about using them (now our diaper wipes are a different story...).

3. seventh generation disinfectant spray: this stuff is AMAZING. whether i’m changing the sheets and want to freshen things up on the mattress or when changing the trash, i use this EVERYWHERE. it’s so clean smelling & i can feel good knowing that it’s super safe if my toddler touches it while it’s wet.

4. mrs. meyer’s clean day everyday cleaner: everyone knows that i practically drink this stuff (DON’T TAKE THAT STATEMENT SERIOUSLY PLEASE). this has everything you’d look for in a cleaner: smells yummy, cleans well, and can work on different types of surfaces/stones without a worry. i think this mint scent is limited edition, but for a similar scent that's fresh and herb-y, try basil!

all of these cleaners were purchased from target or amazon, depending on which site has a better deal at the time. i’ve been buying them over & over for years now! i’m obsessed with their quality and they remain a staple for my family and me.



**no products were sponsored, and all were purchased on my own. some of the above links may be affiliate, which means that the amommaly: could earn a commission off of your purchase (with no extra cost to you! yay!). thanks for your support!


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