The Sleep Training Saga: How I Sleep Trained My Baby in 5 Days

parenting Nov 3, 2019

My daughter Ru hates falling asleep.

It has been this way ever since birth, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Every night, she would put up a good fight before her exhaustion won out. Her determination to stay awake and stave off sleep would last for two hours, maybe even longer on some nights. Putting her to sleep required me to rearrange my schedule to block off the hours needed to get her to sleep, ample arm strength, and paaaaaaatience. I would give myself a pep talk before her bedtime to mentally prepare myself for it. On top of that, she would wake up every few hours during the night and the whole process of getting her to fall back asleep would start all over again.

Every. Night.

Enough was enough. I had tried many techniques to put her to down to sleep, but nothing had been completely successful. It was time to properly sleep train my baby.

What I hadn’t tried before was the “cry it out” method. I was a little scared of it, but more than that, I honestly didn’t think it would work for my child in particular for various reasons. I finally decided it was time to try it out.

A friend gave me a doTERRA essential oil diffuser with an essential oil blend that is supposed to help our bodies calm down and relax. It’s a doTERRA blend called Serenity. I figured that sleep training my child will go more smoothly (and maybe even faster?) if I used the diffuser around her bedtime. Plus, I had never used a diffuser or had experience with essential oils before, so I was curious about using them. I had the green light from my daughter's pediatrician as well, but if you decide to do something like this, definitely consult your doctor first.

This is the doTERRA diffuser I have (this is not an ad/sponsored... this was a gift given to me by a friend):

Here is the essential oil blend I used (this is not an ad/sponsored... this was a gif  given to me by a friend):

So, did the combo of “cry it out” and diffusing a calming blend at bedtime work? YUP. My fussy baby was officially sleep trained by Day 6. Granted, I did sleep in her room while training her, but it seemed to help her more than delay the process. I slept in her room so my husband’s sleep would not be disrupted, since he wakes up very early for work and has to travel a lot.

Please note that I am only sharing my experience and what worked for me, that's all!

Anyways, here’s what happened:

Day 1:
-At 2:30am, Ru woke up, stood up in her crib, and cried for 15-20 minutes.

-She stayed awake in silence for over an hour. Throughout all of this, she kept looking at me to see if I was awake. She was very sleepy, but was fighting it hard. My baby girl is stubborn, headstrong, and determined, which will serve her well later on in life, but DAMN GIRL. GO TO SLEEP. I made sure she knew I was there, though I made it clear that I wasn’t going to get up and that I was trying to sleep.

-After an hour and a half, she finally passed out. She is a fast learner so I was hoping she would get what was going to happen from there on out.

Day 2:
-Ru woke up crying at 2am for 10 minutes.

-She sat for a while, again in silence, before falling asleep again.

-She would wake up on and off for a couple hours after that but did not cry. This night was easier BY FAR.

Day 3:
-She cried at 11pm for 5 minutes before lying back down and putting herself to sleep. She slept all night until 9am. HELL. YES.

Day 4:
-The night passed by similarly to the night before.

Day 5:
-I decided not to use the diffuser to see what would happen. I did not want her to be dependent on that; she should get used to falling asleep on her own.
Note: There is nothing wrong with any parent who wants to use diffusers as a part of their child’s routine. You do you, mommy/daddy! For me personally, I did not want it to be a part of Ru’s routine because it would be easier for us when we are traveling... it’s a couple less things to pack!

-Ru had a harder time falling asleep and woke up at 1:30am. She cried for 5-ish minutes, then put herself to sleep and slept the whole night.

Day 6:
-Once again, I did not use the diffuser. She went to sleep and stayed asleep all night without issue.

And that, friends, was the first night in a year and a half when I got a full night’s sleep. It was friggin' glorious.

I didn’t expect the experience to be so heartbreaking. When she would cry, I was very near tears myself. I felt punched in the gut. It took everything I had to not get up immediately and hold her. But this would only postpone the process and make things more confusing for her. It would not put any weight on my words and decisions. Most importantly, it would continue to disrupt my sleep, which meant that ultimately, I would not be functioning as well as I need to be for my child.

Looking back on it, I would do everything again exactly the way I did it with no regrets. The results were absolutely worth it for me.

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