Simple Vegan Veggie Wraps

recipes Jul 17, 2019

♡ Hey guys! ♡  

We are all victims of decision fatigue. Whether it's our overflowing closets or the endless tasks we have to complete, we all tend to overcomplicate things that can be simple. In this video, I'm going to show you a simple lunch that keeps me full and doesn't involve too many complicated steps. You don't even need to measure anything out! I only needed the stove to heat my wrap, but other than that, everything was fresh & simple.

I love how well these veggies go with one another. I also really appreciate the amount of fiber this meal has. These particular wraps are low-carb (5g net carbs in each wrap). Whip this up as a side to a hearty chicken breast or add your favorite protein inside!  

XOXO,   zara


- Yellow bell pepper

- Cherry tomatoes

- Shredded carrot

- Green onion

- Baby spinach

- Arugula

- Wraps (I used Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Wraps)

- Roasted garlic hummus (I used Fountain of Health Humm! Hummus in Roasted Garlic)


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