Our Favorite Melissa & Doug Toys

baby Dec 19, 2019

Toy shopping for your favorite little human for the holidays? There are so many different toy brands at different price ranges out there, but my top favorite toy brand that suits my family’s needs and budget are Melissa & Doug toys. We love Melissa & Doug toys for a variety of reasons, but the biggest has to be the quality. The quality is consistent and incredibly made.

Any time we are going to a birthday party, I usually just head to the Melissa & Doug section at Target and grab whatever my son’s been obsessed with lately. I get texts later on from parents saying that their kid can’t stop playing with the toy we gave them, and that makes me so happy!

Although I could write an entire book on why I love Melissa & Doug toys, I wanted to share my son’s top five favorite toys from the brand.

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy

Amazon, $7.99

I found this gem at TJ Maxx for around $5. My son was eight months old at the time. Almost immediately, he showed so much interest. He wanted to hold every single piece and tried to weave them on, even though it was a bit difficult for him at first. Fast forward to my son today at 26 months old. He plays with this toy every single day. He just learned his colors, and loves making “parking spots” with these rings and parking his toy cars in front of them. We’ve had so much use from these rings and they honestly look just as good as new. Plus, they’re aesthetically pleasing in our playroom!

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Railroad

Amazon, $23

We’ve been traveling a lot this fall and we needed something to bring along with us that my son could use in our various hotel rooms. My mother-in-law gifted my son this portable train track kit. This has been perfect. It is amazing quality, the pieces are gorgeous, and it’s the perfect size to squeeze into luggage. It doubles as storage, too, which helps a lot. My son just finds a place wherever we go, plops this open, and begins using all his vehicles on it along with the different pieces that come with this.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Learning Toy

Amazon, $17

My son got this on his first birthday, and it was definitely not something he could use at the time because the letter pieces are really small. We put it away in storage until we felt like he was old enough. When I saw that he had generally mastered putting puzzles together, I brought this out. I only keep three of the wooden “cards” and the corresponding letters that go with it, so that the pieces aren’t too overwhelming for him. He loves talking about the pictures, and as he places the letter in its spot, I say what letter it is. He repeats it, and gets really excited when he completes the cards. The quality of this toy is amazing and I can see how it can be used for a long time.

Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks

Amazon, $15

My mom got this for my son, and he plays with it at least once every day. He doesn’t know how to name his shapes yet, but he can identify which shape goes where on the cards. The way these cards are painted is so beautiful and they are all everyday things that he can see in real life, too. I'd recommend using this with supervision for younger kiddos because the pieces can be considered small.

Melissa & Doug Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Magnetic Pretend Play Set

$24, Amazon

This toy definitely wins number one. There’s just something toddlers love about serving others and being helpful. My son LOVES when I ask him to “cook” for me or to make me an ice cream cone. Everything is magnetic and the way it was made is just so creative. My son plays with this repeatedly. He loves pretending that he's on an ice cream truck serving the whole house lol.

Hope this post was helpful if you needed some insight on toddler toys that are not just fun to play with, but are amazing quality, accessible, and affordable.

Hope you have a very happy holidays and are excited to jump into the new year!




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