Coolibar Swim Hijab: Review, Try-On, & 5 Hijab Styles + My Modest Swimsuit!

beauty Jul 4, 2019

♡ Happy Summer, Guys! ♡  

After I began wearing the hijab full-time, I never understood why it was so difficult to find cute swimwear. Either I was uncomfortable and couldn't completely just enjoy the water, or I would look like an alien.   It was annoying, stressful, and made me so sad! I decided to think up my own solution to my swim wear. I put together a few pieces, but the final piece I needed was a swim hijab...and bam! Coolibar, a swimwear company designing adorable pieces that are waterproof & sun-safe, came out with a swim hijab!  

The best part?  

They ACTUALLY call it a HIJAB! Way to not tip-toe around the word!  

Here's my review of the hijab, a "tour" of my swimsuit, and 5 simple hijab styles you can do in seconds with your Coolibar swim hijab.   This video was not sponsored, and the swimsuit & hijab were purchased with my own money.   Hope y'all enjoy this video!


zara _________________________________________________________  ♡ Products mentioned (in order) ♡

- Coolibar Swim Hijab:


Coolibar website:

- Long Sleeve Swimsuit (I got a size 16. I sized up by two sizes).

- Swim Leggings:

- Swim Skirt (They don't seem to have black in stock currently).

- No-Snag Hijab Pins:


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