Bentgo Kids: pros, cons, and why a $30 lunchbox might actually be worth it

lifestyle Oct 16, 2019

When I saw the hefty price tag on the Bentgo lunchbox, I cringed and took it out of my Amazon shopping cart. I did, however, still love the idea of a bento-style box for my son’s school lunches—I just didn't want to pay the price! I searched and searched, and the Bentgo ended up always being the highest rated. I went ahead and took the plunge eventually, mainly out of curiosity. I wanted to see if this lunchbox would actually live up to the hype and if it was actually worth the money.

I bought the Bentgo Kids Brights 5-Compartment Lunch Box on Amazon for $27.99. FUNNY STORY: Amazon kept delaying delivery of the lunchbox, so they ended up crediting us for the purchase. So, yes, my son's Bentgo ended up being FREE. Lol, just want to keep it real.

In hindsight, would I still have paid $28 for a lunchbox? Here’s my honest answer:


A million times over.

I’m already aching for the adult version of the lunchbox (even though I’m sitting around eating potato chips directly out of the bag all day anyway).

Here's why I feel like the Bentgo lunch box is worth your hard earned money (and no, Bentgo has not sponsored this. So this is a true, honest review from a cheap and skeptical mom):

  1. Everything stays neat: Since the walls of the Bentgo are nice and high, everything stays in its place. You won’t find strawberry juice marinating the chicken thighs; everything stays contained.
  2. I can experiment with different foods: Since the compartments are the perfect size for a toddler meal, I’ve designated one small compartment as an “experimental” section in his lunch that will usually include a new food or new combination that changes every so often. If my son doesn’t like it, I don’t feel like the worst person in the world if I have to waste that specific section.
  3. Food stays fresh since it’s sealed well: I pack my son’s lunch the night before, and his food stays fresh till lunchtime the next day.
  4. It doesn’t leak: My son’s lunchbox goes directly into his backpack, and we haven’t had a single leak. It means one less mess to clean!
  5. It can handle toddler drops: I’ve seen my 2-year-old throw his stuff all over the place and the Bentgo has held up beautifully.
  6. It opens completely: I love that the lid of the Bentgo folds out completely. It lays flat, and isn’t annoying to maneuver.
  7. Grips Galore: Motor skills are still in-progress with toddlers which means that spoon and fork usage can be a little shaky. My son can use his fork and spoon without worries that the lunchbox will slide off the table, since the grips on the lunchbox are so amazing and helps it stay put.
  8. It’s super easy to wash: Every stain comes out, even from the rubbery part. The lunchbox does not retain any smells!

Some potential downsides:

  • Can’t heat up individual compartments: When I make certain things for my son, I’d love for him to be able to eat them warm. With the Bentgo, you unfortunately cannot heat up one section. You’d have to scoop it out and put it in another container. It’s not a big deal, but I wanted to mention it in case it mattered to you.
  • Middle sauce compartment can be awkward: The circle section is pretty deep and kind of awkward. You can’t fit a spoon into it to scoop anything, and I think it’s intended to be used for dressing. However, I mostly use it for fruit snacks.
  • Wish there was a space to keep utensils: I have this container that I send with my son for his utensils, but I do wish that the Bentgo had a space to keep utensils.

My guide for packing school lunches: I follow a simple system to make packing lunch super easy. For each of these compartments, I try to find whatever I already have in my pantry or fridge. This is generally what goes into my son’s lunchbox:

  • Compartment 1: Protein & Carb (usually dinner leftovers)
  • Compartment 2: Fruit (chopped strawberries, halved grapes, tangerines)
  • Compartment 3: Dairy (berry compote mixed with greek yogurt, or cheese cubes)
  • Compartment 4: Veggies (mini caesar salad or some other chopped vegetables)
  • Compartment 5: Dessert/Treat (usually fruit snacks)

Here are some lunches that I've made in the past few weeks:

Overall, I would buy the Bentgo lunch box over and over. It’s pricey, but it’s high quality and makes my life significantly easier when it comes to packing diverse and healthy meals for my son.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the Bentgo lunch box as much as I do!



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