Baby Registry: Sidrah

Sep 20, 2022

Here are crucial items that I put on my baby registry when I first became a parent. I have included my own specific brand recommendations that either I or people I know have bought and loved!

Infant car seat that can connect to a stroller

There are amazing brands out there that give you the option to pop out the car seat from your car and attach it to your stroller. This makes trips to the doctor’s, grocery stores, and parks easy and convenient. You can always purchase an extra base for the car seat as well if you have more than one car. This way you will have a base in each car and can pop the car seat into either base.  You will not have to buy two car seats, just an extra base for the second car. I love Britax car seats because of their safety and comfort.

Also, have you heard of the Doona? It is a carseat that turns into a stroller within seconds. My friends have it and can I say…wow! The convenience is all there! You have look at it and see for yourself.

Check out the Doona:

Stroller and/or baby carrier

We had a stroller and a baby sling/carrier (for baby-wearing). I would always put the baby carrier in the basket of the stroller in case I wanted, or when the baby wanted to be held close to me while we strolled in the park or ran a few errands. I love the BOB jogging stroller. The smooth ride and easy steering are just the perfect combo. For baby-wearing, I enjoyed the Infantino carrier. I love the brand, they are super comfortable and super easy to put on.

Link to BOB stroller:

Link to Infantino baby carrier:

Diaper Bag

Having a diaper bag always packed and ready is such a good feeling! I always made it a goal to have diapers, wipes, first aid kid, diaper cream, extra outfit, trash bags, small toy, and any other essentials needed at the time in my diaper bag. I have a Skip Hop diaper bag and I love the way it looks. It gives me plenty of space for everything I could ever need.

Link to Skip Hop diaper bag:


I kept a few caddies around the house, and in them, I put: diapers, diaper cream, wipes, changing mat, nursing pads, and trash bags. This way, if I am in a room and need to change a stinky diaper, I can grab the caddy that is already there and change baby without leaving the room. I got a few from Amazon (can also be found at Target). If you search “bath caddy,” then great options come up that you can put on your registry.

Link to caddy:

A few pieces of newborn clothing (they grow quickly, so don’t get too much of one size!)

I got a few pieces of newborn-sized clothes and then got a variety of different sizes so that the outfits can be worn repeatedly until it was time to go up a size. This way, I did not feel like we had too many baby clothes everywhere and were using the clothes multiple times. I love shopping from Target, Macys, and Gap. Their sizing fits perfectly for my kids.

Crib, mattress, waterproof mattress cover pads, and crib sheets

I loved putting two mattress covers over the crib’s mattress. If the baby leaked through and it was the middle of the night, I would just take off the top mattress cover and have a replacement there already! I would wash the soiled one and put it back on the next day. I hope this tip is helpful!

Pack ‘n Play

We have used our Graco Pack ‘n Play so much. It has been great since it came with a removable bassinet and a diaper changing area. We used the bassinet component a lot to put the baby to sleep in since it was so convenient and portable.

Link to Graco Pack ‘n Play:

Baby monitor

You can get any brand of baby monitors, and as long as you can see and hear your baby with it, it is doing its job! It will give you a mind of ease when doing chores of other activities away from the baby by allowing you to easily see and hear when they wake up.

Link to baby monitor: or

Bottles, bottle nipples (slow flow, medium flow, and fast flow), and a breast pump/formula

I tried all kinds of baby bottles before figuring out which one my baby took without any problems. Definitely try and see which one works best before buying lots of the same kind. Aveeno glass bottles was the winner for us.

All bottles come with nipples, but check the description to see which kind: slow flow, medium flow, or fast flow. Slow flow is for newborns while fast flow is for older babies (around the age of 1 year or so).

Contact your insurance to see if they will cover your breast pump and get it. For mothers who plan to pump and are able to, there are many different types of automatic, manual, and hands-free pumps available. If you are using formula, then try and see which one works best for your baby (with prior consent from your pediatrician) and definitely see what coupons are out there when purchasing them from your local store.

Bibs and burp cloths

Babies can (and will) spit up anytime of the day and bibs/burp cloths are just so useful for those unexpected moments.

1-2 boxes of Newborn-sized diapers and sensitive skin wipes

I only got 1-2 boxes of newborn diapers before my baby started using size 1. I suggest only getting a few boxes at a time or not opening them all at once unless you are certain the same size will continue for a while. Target brand and Amazon brand diapers have been our most used than any other brand. They did not cause any rash or discomfort, and that was very important when choosing the best diapers that were also affordable.

I stocked up on wipes…lots of them. One can never have enough wipes! We love the Honest Company wipes and Target brand wipes.

Link to Amazon diapers:

Baby bathtub and toiletries (plan for sensitive skin)

I loved the Fisher Price 4-in-1 bathtub. There are many great bathtubs out there, and be sure to check out the ones that grow with the baby. For baby shampoo and body wash, I loved using Aveeno bath gift sets and Baby Dove bath gift sets, they were so gentle and smelled great!

Aveeno bath set link:

Dove baby bundle link:

Baby first aid kit, rectal thermometer, and nail clippers

This is so important to have in your medicine cabinet and diaper bag from the get go. Not only are they critical for emergencies, but also give parents peace of mind in caring for baby's health.

Baby basic essential kit: and

Baby bouncer or swing

My baby loved sleeping in a bouncer or a swing when not napping in the bedroom. It helped me get my chores done while the baby was feeling entertained and happy in the bouncer/swing as well. I also enjoyed putting my baby down on a play gym while I did a few chores or relaxed near by.

Link to swing:

Link to play gym:

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you found this useful when registering for your baby registry!

Disclaimer: Links are affiliate in this post.

Opinions shared in this post are purely Sidrah’s, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the rest of the amommaly: team members, both as a publication and on a personal level. The goal and purpose of the amommaly: is to share as many perspectives as possible in a respectful, inclusive, open-minded manner and to provide a safe space to express those perspectives.

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