About Us

a•mom•ma•ly (noun): 1. a parent or guardian who shifts from what is expected /əˈmäməlē/ to create one's own unique form of parenting.

Synonyms: Original, Prototype, Extraordinary, Essential

Plural: amommalies

                          How We Started

Sidrah, Maya, & Zara

           Growing bellies, 4am cravings, and raging heartburn
           brought us together.

Empathy, respect, and compassion keep us inseparable.

Within our trio, we gave birth at around the same time but in different ways. We fed our babies in different ways, and we continue to parent in very, very different ways. We love and embrace how different we are from one another.

TBH, if we were the exact same as each other, our millions of voice messages to each other would be pretty...eh.

Parenting is hard to begin with, and the endless opinions/judgements/exhausting input from others just makes it unnecessarily harder. Let's just acknowledge and appreciate our fellow parents and their varying walks of life and circumstances....

Like Lucie with the composting bucket who might breastfeed her son until he turns 5, and like Sally who tirelessly works her 6 jobs and sees her kid for an hour a day.

It’s alright.

Your baby needs YOU the way YOU are. It’s time to stop beating yourself up. Join us in this safe space where we will converse together, cry together, and laugh together at our kids’ senseless tantrums.

                            the amommaly: Team


My name is Maya, and I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since 2017 but am not really complaining about it (not too much, anyway). I enjoy traveling with my husband, being a mother to a happy and active daughter, serving my community, playing video games, fantasizing about having super powers, and conversations that spark growth.

I have been known to laugh obnoxiously at puns, trip even when there is nothing to trip over, and slip in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Spongebob references into everyday conversations. I am shocked that I still suffer from the brain fog that came with pregnancy and wonder when the heck it is going to end.

Through the amommaly:, I aim to promote unity, compassion, and mercy, and provide a safe space and sanctuary to those who need it.


Hi, y’all! I’m Zara, mommy to spunky, stinky Zak and wife to a mega-nerd. I love audiobooks, my Instant Pot, pretending to be a Glossier model, trying random organization & cleaning hacks, and hoarding stationary products.

I’m in grad school studying counseling, and I volunteer as an advocate for individuals with special needs via the MUHSEN program at my local mosque, where I also teach at the weekend school and organize youth events.

Motherhood can be lonely & difficult, but I am here at the amommaly: to promote empathy and respect as we all embark on this journey of conceiving and raising tiny humans together.


Hi, Sidrah here! I welcome you to my world of chaos. I want to make motherhood a little less anxious and a little more...carefree! You do your thing, momma!

I want to take you all on a journey of my life as a mother by sharing my life experiences with my little ones. Besides writing/vlogging, my favorite things include traveling with my family to make the best memories, taking endless pictures of my three kids, crying while watching This Is Us, spending quality time with my husband, and having some much needed girl time with my close friends.

I hope to share my world with you and make it known that being a mother is a unique experience for everyone.

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