5 Ways My 6 Year Old Helps Me Around the Home

theamommaly May 14, 2022

My 6 year old helps me around the house in various ways, which allows her to feel responsible by being a “big helper.” Most of the time she loves it, though there are those times when I know she can hear me but chooses to ignore me (lol). During those times, of course, I let it go.

Here are the tasks she helps me with:

  1. Putting toys away.
    We have a “home” for every toy. Getting my daughter to put away the toys in their “homes” helps her remember where each toy goes, which is super helpful.
  2. Fetching items from her baby sister’s diaper caddy.
    ​Sometimes it is so nice to be able to just stay sitting in one place and ask her to quickly bring me some items I need when it’s time to change my youngest daughter’s diaper. I also ask my middle child to help by throwing away the diaper into the diaper genie, which he enjoys doing very much.
  3. Placing her dirty clothes in the hamper for laundry.
    ​She is able to put her clothes into the hamper instead of just leaving them on the ground. It is crucial for her to learn the importance of cleanliness and organization.
  4. Helping me dust the windows and cabinets.
    ​I filled a small amount of water into a little spray bottle which she uses (and loves) to go around the home and wipe down windows, counters, and tables.
  5. Wiping up messes.
    ​Whenever we have a mess on the table, carpet, or couch that she has contributed to, I ask my daughter to quickly grab a wipe or towel and help with cleaning it up. She enjoys doing the actual clean up part, which I go over after she is done.

I love how she is getting into the habit of doing chores around the home and that she enjoys feeling needed by us to help keep our home clean and tidy! Soon, I will add to her list by allowing her to help me more in the kitchen; something fun, like making smoothies. I know she would love to put the fruit in the blender after I have cut it.

Let me know if there are chores your little one enjoys doing around the home!


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