3-Minute Mommy Makeup

beauty Jun 13, 2019

Once upon a time, waking up to a heaping drawer of makeup excited me. After becoming a mom, however, the heaping drawer only excites me on special occasions.   On the daily, I want products that I love & trust. I want simple things that give me a fresh, glow-y look without taking up tons of time from my already hectic day.  

This is how I do my makeup everyday. If I'm feeling it, I'll add some thickening mascara or some bold eyeliner. I might kick it up a notch with a bright lip. For the most part, though, I just want to look like myself...but better...in 3 minutes or less. LOL.  

A capsule make-up bag has really changed the game for me, & I hope you enjoy this video!

XOXO,   zara


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